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“Presentation, marketing and price are the three key components to selling a home”

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Mike Cavanagh

Mike is well known for his clear strategic and successful approach to selling real estate.


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“Presentation, marketing and price are the three key components to selling a home”, he says.


To attract premium buyers you have to hit the nail right on the head for each of these components:


Presentation is what creates an emotional connection with a buyer


Marketing is what brings buyers to the home


Skilful negotiations over Price are what ultimately sells the property

Safeguarding value, a positive experience, and a successful outcome are paramount considerations for Mike.  As a wealth of clients attest he is honest, personable, and extremely hard working.  His results and success speak for themselves.

Mike is a seasoned sales professional who has spent more than 35 years in Sales & Marketing management, the last sixteen (16) years in real estate.  He is energetic, enthusiastic and client focused, and owes much of his success to his keen communication skills, his proven mastery of negotiation techniques, and his ability to liaise with clients from all walks of life.

Prior to starting his real estate career Mike returned to part time university study to gain the required qualifications which would allow him to manage and operate his own real estate agency.  Thirteen (13) years ago Mike was approved as a fully licensed national business owner under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008.  In 2009 “imarket real estate” was started and has been trading very successfully ever since.


Mike says, “It’s all about going the extra mile and getting it right the first time”  Client focused services and results driven; Mike offers the leading edge in real estate service, experience, and delivering you great bottom line results with a positive outcome.

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